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    Let me introduce you Top Tennis Courts, which is the brand name for artificial grass surface developed in cooperation with ATP and WTA professional tennis players and specialists in artificial fabrics so as to create the necessary qualities to good bounce tennis balls and just as the surface is gentle on the joints of tennis players. For a long time we have been noticing common weaknesses of classic sports surfaces – too much hardness or softness, high moisture levels, dust, mud, durability, maintenance needs and constant play characteristics. With Top Tennis Courts all these issues are a thing of the past. Playing and enjoying tennis to its fullest rests heavily on the court’s surface and its condition. Top Tennis Courts just naturally attract people and make each game that much more pleasurable. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information
    Sincerely, Vlasta Bervid
    (General Manager of Corporation)

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    Sun, wind, rain and extreme temperatures can take its toll on tennis playing surface. Top Tennis Courts offers complete resurfacing and repair services. With our high technology artificial grass surface you can upgrade your old hard-court into a brand-new one. No matter how much your court is used. Top Tennis Courts highest quality materials, time-tested methods and our expert technicians can give your tennis court a fresh new look and feel for next two decades.

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    If your court has cracks, high spots or depressions, resurfacing and repair with TTC surface is an excellent option.

    We guarantee the quality of all of our work and are fully licensed and insured.

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    TTC has a five year manufacturer´s warranty and valid certificates ITF

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    Top Tennis artificial grass surface is 100% product made in European Union. Due to the Hi-tech and modern equipment we are able to perform a large number of laboratory and field tests to achieve maximum quality and comfort of a game. Most laboratory tests are mainly mechanical and physical tests, and verifying the quality of product specification. The quality of a game is primarily affected by the values of the ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation and resistance to rotation. The most important parameters affecting the life of the lawn is primarily UV stability and wear resistance. Material resistance to UV radiation is tested on the QUV apparatus for spraying with what credible simulation of outdoor weather conditions. The test consists of accelerating degradation of the material and determine its true UV stability over the years for several months. Evaluation of wear resistance performed with the test device, which can during 20 000 cycles simulate 10 years normal use of the lawn.

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